Saturday, January 2, 2016

Indian Tiger caged in the Cupboard

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Re: Indian Tiger caged in the Cupboard (e-book) by ACIPC3014A
2 January 2016 - 5:58pm

The book is a saga of cross cultural emotional bonding where a lady from the West gets echarmed with a heir of royal family of India. Author has been contemporary in the sense the book portrays changing social norms of India. A simple white girl from west is accepted at ease as their daughter in law by a Royal family of India.

Books gives insight to royal remains of India. Reading about royal families, royal culture, royal practices of India is something like a stoke of fresh air .This is perhaps most exciting extracts from the book where the story revolves around Royal family of Mankapur. One gets to know Royal traditions, Royal life style, Royal mindset at unbelievable proximity. Detailing of Royal life can be a dream for any contemporary reader.
Book beautifully captures our rich cultural heritage as well.

It acquaintances us with some of the most exquisite and un explored destinations in India as the loving couple travels through all these places.

Reader finds unbelievable the vivid diversity of the tourism that extend from Forts and Castles of Rajasthan which are a mesmerising splendour of architecture to Amazing sea beaches and Churches of Goa. Worthwhile to mention here is the most interesting and exhaustive style used by the author while explaining historical facts which brings the time to standstill.

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