Monday, April 18, 2016


Book Review- ‘Touristique’ by S P Singh

Seamless Expansion and Diversity of Business empire, all happening during vacation trips to exotic Gujarat/Bhuj touristique locales between chance meetings of two human beings- coming together for a purpose to mix and match two Global cultures, two Global business thought-processes to bring about the best of two Products- par excellence; this fictional plot is the basis of this romantic story-line of “Touristique”- third book-venture of Mr S P Singh- but with a twist and mix of sweet’n sour real-life facts of this mortal human life-journey; ‘Get-up and get-Going’ is a one-line summary- if I dare say- the message which the writer wants to disseminate to the world at large; and nothing succeeds better than ‘change and adapt’ attitude in this dynamically changing Global scenario- is the “mool-mantra’ of all the characters living this romantic fictional plot created by the writer- S P Singh; Get-up and get-going……...

-Rajan Varma, Faridabad(India)

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