Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dr. Verghese Kurien

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Verghese Kurien and also it is national milk day in India.

We salute this man for his visionary work to take new look on Indian milk industry. Amul is international brand now with which dairy products are known. It's his hard work.

I have some queries on milk farming in India and seeking answers and have failed so far.

1 Can any one give hardcore figures of livestock in India and State wise.
2 Collectively how many liters of milk one may expect from this livestock. Again nationally and State wise.
3 How much milk India is producing synthetically on all India basis and State wise.
4 Anyone has idea of adulterated milk being produced in India.
5 What's the control mechanism in India to check adulteration.
6 How many individuals penalised so far year wise and State wise.
7 Are these law's are sufficient or some hard measures are required to put in place to checkmate.
8 What's the growth plan for dairy products with expected rise in population.
9 What's the size of Indian milk economy.
10 Can this really do wonders in village life?
11 Does any one know that milk supply to urban areas have high cost burden and scope exist to redifine the existing systems.
12 Does any one know that everyone in the country is eating adulterated food items including dairy and farm products.

Think and if you find merit please raise your voice in electronic media.


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