Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Health Care in India

While watching a prime time programme on NDTV yeterday on Health Care in India, I could notice that all Indians are a worried lot as far as costs of treatment in private hospitals is going up every day, nexus of industry and health officials, no single regulatory boy to over see this sector, non availability of quality doctor's with aim to provide caring and dedicated services and above all high cost of medical education ultimately vitiating the environment in hospitals.

Govt. of India and State Governments need to formulate proper policies on priority. The anguish of a practicing medical professional can be gauged when he says that he never allowed four of his offsprings to pursue medical education as I wanted them to be a good humanbeings rather a crook.

I don't know exactly which way the programme aired yesterday will help but to me it was an eye opener.

In India everything is up for sale and hardly any serious act in place from the government of the day.

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