Saturday, October 4, 2014

Good morning dear friends.

सुप्रभात दोस्तों।
Good morning dear friends
10 05 2014

मैंने वायदा किया था कि सनडे को हम लोग सीपी चलेंगे और सीखेंगे जवां रहने के कुछ नायाब तौर तरीके।

मेट्रो से चलते हैं। सबसे पहली ट्रेन लेते हैं, कौशांबी मेट्रो स्टेशन से।

The turnout on the Raahgiri Day at Connaught Place now has gone up tremendously, and so did the number of events. On a breezy and cloudy morning, 5,000-6,000 or more participants came to the Inner Circle armed with their bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, footballs and cricket kits. The initiative has been organized by Delhi Police and New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) along with Embarq India. It is supported by The Times of India.

Many first-time participants gleefully rode on the Inner Circle or danced to the tunes of Zumba. They had never seen the busy roundabout in the heart of Delhi teeming with pedestrians, and free of motor vehicles. "It is rare for so many people to play and practise at one place. Since we had heard so much about the initiative, we decided to give it a shot," said Subhash Bhadana, an international bodybuilding coach. He was so inspired that he brought along some of his talented students to start a conversation around fitness.

Among the new activities was a 2-on-2 player football league, which had a long queue of participants itching to tackle the ball. Another interesting sight was a graffiti wall awash with praises for the event. The participants thanked the organizers in distinct ways. Those who had brought equipment to train fitness enthusiasts promised to return next Sunday with more equipment and many more lessons. Cyclists and skaters were gliding through the decongested radial roads and the Inner Circle.

"We don't plan to extend the Raahagiri project beyond the Inner Circle at the moment, but we will definitely consider it in future, given the positive response. The event can probably be held at other areas in the city and we will support it," said Muktesh Chander, special commissioner of police (traffic).

Overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response, NDMC chairman Jalaj Shrivastava said, "CP is an ideal location for people to cycle and walk. I hope people will turn Sunday mornings into a time for bonding and improving fitness, something we miss often. I also expect the shops here to do brisk business."

Organizers are hopeful that in the coming weeks, the numbers will only go up. "A majority of the people have come by Metro or other public transport. This is the best way to take over the streets. We have been getting requests from various groups eager to join the event. Within a week, Raahgiri Day has found a firm foothold," said Sarika Panda Bhatt, urban planner with Embarq India.

Kamal Chikara, a fitness trainer, said the response had been encouraging and he was planning to come back again. While walking on a kilometre-long pavement around the Inner Circle, visitors could watch skating competitions while enjoying live music. Aerobics and Zumba training were the other highlights. As participation was free, people engaged in more than one activity at a time-some jived to Bollywood hits belted out by a band, while coasting on roller skates. The thumping beats hardly stopped for the fitness buffs to catch their breath. The music sent the people into transports of delight. When it was time to pack up, they reluctantly cleared the roads, though they were soothed by the knowledge of returning on the next Raahgiri Day.

देखा न उम्र कम हो गई मित्रों। अगर आप Sunday को ऐसे ही adventurous activities करते रहेंगे तो आप स्वयं को रिचार्ज कर सकेंगे।



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